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too much space. so they have become coffeeshops for half of them. there has been a big change. everything changes and maybe this is the time for this code to change. >> the neighborhood commercial controls developed in the late '80s, the impetus for that was branch banks at the time. the code already in the neighborhood commercial districts had controls built in. of the 28 different neighborhood commercial districts we had, half of them the financial service use is either conditionally permitted or not permitted at all. we are looking at less than half the labor and commercial districts which otherwise have the misprints we permitted uses. -- have them as principally permitted uses. commissioner antonini: just to add onto what commissioner miguel said -- this is not the case for all banks and institutions, but we have seen instances where banks did have to much square footage on the project that was built recently and there was a very large bank of america that condensed operations and parking was put underground and allowed for the production of condominium units. a market, r
. they will renovate the trails around the lake. and the big project is the capital project for pine lake meadow. they are going to returf the dog run and the meadow by the day camp. we are looking for a very busy fall. by the spring of next year should have major renovations to the mark thal make it an outstanding park. i don't ever refer to it as my park. all the parks belong to all the people. this park belongs just as much to the families in the bay view sdrishth as it does to the gentlemen that lives across the street. i'm happy and proud to be the caretaker for them. i wake up every day and thank that i have
fish swim through the water it takes a big dive. >> and growing next to the river are a bed of flowers. opening one hand onfinger at a time watching the flower petal blossoms. we will take our other hand and turn it into a butterifiy much the butter fly will fly, fly, fly the and land on the flour and watch it fly away. drinking can a deer. take your thumb and the outside a n antlers. the deer hears a noise and in the distance is a hunter with a low and arrow. he sees that deer and aims for it. see your target and takes a shot and he misses and the deer escapes. the hunter's frustrated. i can't believe i missed that. he decides that hunting deer is not a night idea next time he will aim for an apple. thank you participating, you can sit down. give yourself a clap. those are very basic hand movements we use to tell a story. so, the next story we will show you is going to take place in this forest that we just created. i want you to imagine you are in the old forest and we will explain to you the story. >> that was namaste. the devine in me greets the devine in you. can you say that? ve
the work that is not out in the big gallery. >> i noticed a lot of artists doing really site-specific work. >> this is a pile of balloons, something that is so familiar, like a child's balloon. in this proportion, suddenly, it becomes something out of a dream. >> or a nightmare. >> may be a nightmare. >> this one over here is even harder to figure out what the initial material is. >> this is made out of puffy paint. often, kids use it to decorate their clothes. she has made all these lines of paint. >> for the pieces we are looking at, is there a core of foam or something in the middle of these pieces that she built on top of? >> i'm not telling. >> ah, a secret. >> this silver is aluminum foil, crumbled of aluminum foil. her aesthetic is very much that quiet, japanese spatial thing that i really admire. their attention to the materiality of the things of the world. >> this is a nice juxtaposition you have going on right now. you have a more established artists alongside and emerging artists. is that something important to you as well? >> very important in this space, to have artists who r
square. wes? big mystery. who's the winner. >> by the process of elimination, it's koit! >> koit. mr. scotty bastopol for the third year in a row. love this city. thank you. >> runners up. the 47th not -- annual cable car bell ringing competition, no particular order, mr. trini whitaker. sullivan philips. ken lunardi. and joseph hsu. come up and get your trophies. thank the judges. [laughter] now it's time for what you've been waiting for, third place, ladies and gentlemen, mr. howard woo. howard woo. again, they're not booing you. all right. mr. ken mcdonald. chief of muni operations officer, please come forward to help me present the second place trophy. second place, ladies and gentlemen. mr. frank ware. and before we announce the winner i'm going to drag this out even longer. i'm going to take a moment to thank the kind people who made the 47th annual cable car bell ringing contest possible the the vice chair of the sfmt board of directors. and friends of the cable car music, union square association, trophy masters shanghai restaurant, ghirardelli chocolatesing, and the american
is not a big business-friendly city. i think we started to go in the wrong direction. the reason why we started walking down that path largely was because of political ideology. when you deal with me, you are dealing with facts, less than politics. i really want to have a positive impact on the city overall. >> good afternoon, everyone. how are you? >> good. >> it's a nice day today. thank you for coming out to our community event. please give a round of [applause] to them. we have a lot of development going on. you see how lovely leland street looks. do you like it? >> yes. >> beautiful, isn't it? we are going to continue. we have a library that is going to be opening up in june. that's right. so i will see you all there at the library. there is a lot of activity going on. it is important we remain connected and engaged. >> would you mind if we were to pull the seniors together and translate for me in a mini meeting? >> yes, sir. >> what we are going ready to do is we are going to have a quick little mini meeting to -- because we didn't translate my short message before. >> i just want to say
] >> and to conclude, can we give a big round of applause -- easy part of this project is now done. the hard part comes in operating it for the next three decades. so could be put it together for property management and social services staff? [applause] thank you, everyone, for coming. we are done. when a resident of san francisco is looking for health care, you look in your neighborhood first. what is closest to you? if you come to a neighborhood health center or a clinic, you then have access it a system of care in the community health network. we are a system of care that was probably based on the family practice model, but it was really clear that there are special populations with special needs. the cole street clinic is a youth clinic in the heart of the haight ashbury and they target youth. tom woodell takes care of many of the central city residents and they have great expertise in providing services for many of the homeless. potrero hill and southeast health centers are health centers in those particular communities that are family health centers, so they provide health care to patients across
's single's final at wimbledon is set for saturday, a big comeback for maria sharapova who won easily in straight sets advancing to her first wimbledon final since she won in 2004, she faces petra kedova, in her first final. >>> in baseball a dramatic walkoff win for the cubs, giovanni soto, blasted a three-run homer to left field giving the cubs a 5-2 victory over san francisco. >>> when we return, another look at this morning's topper toys. >>> and scorpion on a plane? what you don't want to meet on your next flight. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. >>> on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. summer heat is moving slowly from the northern plains into the great lakes. the northern plains will also see some strong storms. it's nice up and down the west coast and in the northeast. >>> here's another look at this morning
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to their local congress office and tell their member of congress that they oppose it. host: how big will it be? guest: we have already had it thousand people commit to doing this. people are concerned understandably. they need to put a face to it. host: what darker thoughts on the idea of a balanced budget and how to get there? guest: i think -- the conclusion of a family budget and the united states government is probably not the best way to look at what we are doing right now. i think cutting programs, especially domestic spending programs, are bad for the economy. most economists would agree with it. host: how fired up are you and your people about this issue? guest: i think social security is a defining issue for those that define themselves as democrats. the willingness of this president and congress to go after it changes what the democratic party stands for. host: here are the numbers to call to speed withjane hamsher. they are at the bottom -- to speak with jane hamsher. they are at the bottom of your screen. here is a little bit of president obama from friday. >> this is tough on the
. it is a little strange to be getting this rain, but we appreciate every drop of it and we are happy to have a big reservoir. i am excited to announce that we have plans to install three small hydroelectric generators here on site. that is a clean, renewable energy source, something that we are committed to. it will replicate on a smaller scale of our large scale hydro project up that hetch hetchy dam . we are thrilled that will be on line. that will be done by 2013. 200 kilowatts per day will be generated by those three facilities, those three generators, enough to power approximately 200 homes. we are excited about that as part of our efforts to move away from dirty, empowered -- imported power sources in san francisco, and an example to our commitment to a clean, renewable energy future. we are excited about that. i want to congratulate the power enterprise staff for this project. they are doing everything they can on the efficiency front to make us a clean, green city. i want to acknowledge them as well. it is a team effort. not only the water enterprise, but the power enterprises making this
seen a rise in the number of sound complaints but this is by no means a big deal. it is summer. it is cold and people do open their windows and people have more barbecues. we see a rise in our sound complaints. we have no major problems over the fourth of july weekend. you will see a list of the news that have received notice of violation. you will see one then you received a citation as far as incidents of violence, we have received no reports. that does not mean there were not any. it means that as no reports have come away and none were witnessed by may 1 hand or that information -- we do have a few disturbing the peace complaints which were never complaints about particular venues that sfpd responded to and were handled on site at that time. that is all i have. >> thank you. >> commissioner meko: was the nature of the complaint? >they do have a p.o.e.? >> we have yet to find anything on file. there permit is going back, what go back a long way. we before this commission into the archives. we're moving forward as if they have a permit. >> have they been paying their fees ann
, i'm sure his heart is as big as mine in terms of what this means to the residents of san francisco, so i want to introduce the mayor to everyone. [applause] >> thank you very much. i want to also continue the very important attribute that we have for eloise westbrook. when i was just a young workers never trying to cause trouble in the city on behalf of low-income residents, i have already heard of ms. westbrook. she was already helping lead the effort to improve housing conditions for all of our public housing tenants. my today, it is just really appropriate to make sure that our city honors mr. westbrook, her family, who is here today, i know. thank you very much for being here. this is very appropriate that this new project be in the name and westbrook loss of the another great place for people to understand and know about the history of the city. i am so happy to be part of this great city when it names and after people in the community who have done great work. i recognize that, and i know doris, our supervisor, was there as well. she recognizes that. thank you very much for b
with big budget problems. it's day four of strikes in greece where the government is approving new austerity measures. >> in britain now, tens of thousands of workers walked off the job. rita kneeson is in london with the story. >> reporter: they want the government to know what they think of pension cuts. [ people chanting ] thousands walked off the job to march through central london with picket signs. >> we don't want to strike. we don't want to cause any aggravation. we just want decent standard of living. >> reporter: they staged protest to push back against the government plan that would increase the amount they contribute to pensions and other issues. >> we're not going to pay for this crisis. we didn't make it. and we know the money is out there. and we think the government should be putting the money where it really is needed in the public services. >> reporter: the one day strike closed or partially closed 11,000 schools. unions says this only the beginning of disruptions they are planning this summer. some agents didn't show up for work at the airports and about half the
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of timetable to have an agreement on big issues like tax reforms, social security reform, medicare reform, markede reform. they're all necessary. they are inevitable if we're going to do these but to do them on the compressed time frame i think was just too ambitious. they need to turn to the task of getting the debt ceiling raised and go back to dealing with the underlying problem which is the size of the programs and the fact that they are leaving so much debt. host: how much of factor was entitlement programs and what led to the end? guest: well, i wasn't in the room so no one knows for sure but i think there reall is an imbalance in what i have heard between the time and attention spent on reforming entitlemts, white house pretty much adamant against changing their basic structure. theywon't survive in the current form so that's not gog to help versus the time and attention spent on raing taxes which in the end will not solve this problem. we can't tax our way out. so it was a mismatch and mr. boehner finally decided they need to try another approach. host: from your previous stafment
as most of you all know, i am a big giants fan. so it is a privilege for me to meet each and every one of our all starts here. we want to thank the giants for supporting us. [applause] >> i think if you're going to continue with your intellectual honesty, i hope you vote against every project from here on out that includes below market rate units. because the same legal argument you're making to argue that this development agreement is invalid is the same one you should be making to the ordinance. >> next is the senior member of the board of supervisors, not so much in terms of age but in terms of terms of service, and a man who nominated the mayor who is about to be sworn in. sean elsbernd. >> i was born and raised in district 7, montessori school right up the block. a grade school right down the street. my mom owned a children's clothing store right down the block, and i am lived here all my life, 30 years, and i have every intention of raising my family here. went down to a small school in los angeles, claremont mckenna, and came back here for law school and graduated. went to w
for setting the road ahead of us and for all of your help. the other big group that we did not thank yet that we have to is labor. we spoke about this before, but part of this whole package being able to come together is possible because we have asked our labor partners in the fire department and the police department and the nurses to assume a level of savings that they did not have to do. and so, that is a tremendous sacrifice that they have been willing to do on their own. i absolutely believe that they deserve the praise for helping us get to where we are. with that, colleagues, if there are no other further comments, we have to move a few items. items one and two which have been combined from the two agenda is representing aao and aso. we have made amendments to that. can we movie studio itee these e or july? >> tso moso moved. >> we have the two-year budget and apa resolution. >> there have been a couple questions on this and i would like to have a conversation with the budget analyst about desperate. as i discussed with the city attorney, one thing that might be appropriate at thi
to australia, australia is pretty big. you see things, and when you see things, you want those things to happen in our great city. so what i am saying plainly is this, while the impending very expensive traffic signals that take a lot of time to get the permits and so on, in the interim it is good to contact our senior citizens. we have a large population of senior citizens. it is good to contact schools and asked how children and their parents, the difficulties they have on san jose avenue, san bruno ave, which one of you supervisors know what happens there. something like putting uthis there will save many lives. so with this type of deliberation is giving to you about the flight in technology which takes years and years to be put in practice, we need to know in the interim what really has been done to save lives, because no price can be put on a life, especially a child like. thank you very much. -- especially a child's life. supervisor campos: thank you. colleagues, this is an action item. we have a motion. motion by commissioner wiener. second by commissioner avalos. can we go back to item
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the big lobbyists who make hundreds of thousands a year, $560 a year or or $1,000 a year may not seem like a lot of money, but if you are a senior trying to get by on on $14,000, $15,000, $18,000 a year and you're 85 years old, the end of your life, you're totally vulnerable, you're sick, sick, $1,000 a year cut in what you otherwise would have received is a major, major blow. so i congratulate senator coburn, senator crapo, senator chambliss for doing what president obama said would not happen under his watch, what the democrats have said would not happen under their watch, major cuts in social security. but it's not just social security. we have 50 million americans today who have no health insurance at all. under the gang of six proposal, there will be cuts in medicare over a ten-year period of almost almost $300 billion. there will be massive cuts in medicaid and other health care programs. there will be caps on spending, which mean that there will be major cuts in education if you are a working class family, hoping that you're going to be able to send your kid to college and that you
we have to learn the harsh lesson that when we are in an economic free fall, the only entity big enough to pull us out is the collective organization of our government? that is the only place that has the muscle to prevent a recession from turning into a depression, and the balanced budget amendment our colleagues cept us before would absolutely lock down the federal government's ability to respond. that would be a profound mistake, and contradict all we have learned in economics since the great depression. this is what norm ann ornstein at the american enterprise institute said about this constitutional amendment. he called it 5, quote, "really dumb idea." this is what he said. "few ideas are more seductive on the surface and more destructive in reality than a balanced budget amendment. here's why -- nearly all of our states have balanced budget requirements. that means when the economy slows, states are forced to raise taxes or slash spending at just the wrong time, providing a fiscal drag when what is needed is countercyclical policy to stimulate the economy. in fact, the fisc
money to spend is no easy task. though his campaign team talks a big game about the popularity of tax increases, the president's own words suggest otherwise. last week in a shameful display of class warfare, the president did specifically call for some tax increases on the rich. that includes 800,000 small businesses, by the way, where 70% of the jobs come from. but that is the exception that proves the rule. by and large, the president avoids the effectual truth of his mission to get rid of tax expenditures. massive tax increases on the middle-class american families to whom he promised immunity from tax increases when he was running for president. instead he and other members of the party of tax stph-rss every day -- tax increases as spending through the tax code. how serious should we take his rhetoric? when the president said he wanted to address the nation's debt by reducing spending through the tax code, it proved too much for even john stewart. this was stewart's analysis of the president's contention that we could reduce the deficit by attacking spending through the tax code.
the big workshop that is required for building a piece that high on that scale, that the legwas too lon and th assured him it was not too long. so they measured it and lo and behold it was too long. he was a genius. what's important with that statute is the goddess of victory was leading him. the model who posed for that figure was an african american. her name was heady anderson, and sh was from the carolinas. whether he was doing that to make a point, i don't know i can'say. my guess is he did know, he knew she was africa american and he didn't want to do it for that reason. and her look, if you look at the faces of those two figures, sherman's face is pitted, scowling, scary. it's the face of a madman, truly. and sherman was the one who said war is hell, war is all moonshine. and god is not letting us forget that. and her face,'s sheshe goddess of victory. it's not art world that's glorious, hip hip hooray, it's almost as if she's in a daze and can't quite believe it's or and the north has been victorious. >> charlie: the next books going to be about 1913 or not. >> no. the xt book,
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87. i'm just stretching it out so i can hear more u2. >>> first lady michelle obama got a big round of applause at last night's cubs/nationals game in washington. >> that's right. mrs. obama was there as part of her initiative to honor and support militaryryamilies. she escorted a group of nine children from military families onto the field and was on the mound when one of them threw out the ceremonial first pitch. >> i love that. i really like it that she's made that her cause. >> she was really into it, too. >> she was. looking good. go, first lady. we'll be right back, everyone, with more "world news now." introducing crest 3d white enamel renewal toothpaste. it not only removes up to 90% of surface stains in just two weeks, it also strengthens and rebuilds your enamel. new crest 3d white enamel renewal toothpaste. life opens up when you do. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil. >>> returning to our top story now, the casey anthony verdict. as yo
. this problem is too big to try to solve it with just part of the federal fiscal picture. it's going to take all parts to solve this problem. mr. president, the group of six, aim plowed to say, came up -- i'm proud to say, came up with a plan that stablizes this debt and begins to bring it down and avoiding this skyrocketing debt that we are otherwise going to experience. mr. president, this amendment, this legislation before us would stop it in its tracks. i think that would be a profound mistake. i hope my colleagues reject this ill-considered plan. ask that the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sessions: mr. president, one of the things that from us the -- one of the things that frustrates the american people about washington is how hard it is to get straightforward answers. we in the congress have that same difficulty. it is hard to know sometimes what numbers and statements and plans really mean and what they will cost. politicians offer a budget proposal, and they say it cuts taxes even though taxes go up. they even come up with new names to disgu
that the treasury officials are calling big bank executives and assuring them privately that if the debt limit is not raised they, the treasury department, will nevertheless ensure there's no default on our bonds. it's all well and good for the administration to provide that assurance to friends on wall street. i think we provided that assurance to senior citizens around the country. that's why we are introducing the bill that we are unvailing today, ensuring the full faith and credit of the united states and recollecting american's soldiers and seniors act. i'm delighted as it this moment, we have 31 co-sponsors in the senate. the number has been growing consistently. what our bill would do is it would instruct the treasury secretary in the event that the debt ceiling is not raised, to make certain obligations priority so they will be paid in full, on time, and without delay. the three priorities are simple. first it's interest on our debt so that we will not default on our debt and not sponge the economy into chaos. second, social security payments because millions of senior citizens, includ
in the face of what are big challenges. we now find our castes a crisis point without a politics capable even of addressing the kinds of challenges we face each year, yet alone a generational crisis like our deficit and debt. as you know, i've come to this floor for months arguing the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing our deficits ants debt. what colorado wants is nothing more than this -- than what this country has seen from past generations of leaders in pastimes of crisis. as i have said over and over again, what people in red parts of the state want and what people in blue parts of the state want is a solution that materially addresses the problem. they know we're not going to fix it all overnight. but they want it materially addressed. they want a demonstration that we're all in it together that everybody has something to contribute to solving the problem. they emphatically want it to be bipartisan, because they don't believe in either party's go-it-alone approach when it comes to our deficit and debt. and i'd add a corollary to all that we need to reassure our capital mark
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system reforms, i think there are two very big concerns. one would be the role of the independent payment of the advisory board which, as structured, appears to be inevitably led to productions instead of quality improvements. just can't get there. it's got a one-year target on probably the most expensive new therapies. that's detrimental for health care. i would worry a lot about that, quite frankly. and the acos appear to be a respite for industry compensation, not better care. so i think there is work to be done on improving the delivery system and expansion coverages and making sure this thing hangs on budgetarily, of which i deep concerns. >> are there things in the bill that you worry about in isolation that should be kept? >> i've always been a proponent for exchange type amenities. a better opportunity to shop, compare and pursue health insurance, i think every economist would like that, and i certainly do, so the design of those and exchange decision making i think needs to be part of this law. >> i would now like to recognize mr. king for his questions. >> thank you, madam chair
were trying. i said there's a big mistake you're making. you need to do everything you can to support her having a unique connection with her children without your kids. even without the other of her kids. just to be with that child. every kid needs to have that unique relationship with their parent where you do things with them that you don't do with the others. i've got two boys. there were certain things i did with one that i didn't share with the other one. it was special. this is what we do. then with this one, here's what we do. and so these are my boys, jay and jordan. and, obviously, grown up now. but smiling. [laughter] you need to support that, not resent it. you resent her doing things with her children without yours there. and you need to do the same thing with him. you need to support him having some alone time, some unique time, some one-on-one time with his kids, and then we have time where everybody comes together. you're threatening the base of these children by fighting in front of them all the time because they don't want to hear it. do you want to hear it? do any o
amounted to a big, nasty battle over whether nasa can actually do this. in some sense, they are correct in saying not being able to do this. if you are looking at the funding profile over the next five years, this program would get $14 billion. that's less money than what consolation would have gotten. as the 2009 commission pointed out, one of the reasons con stillation failed is it didn't get the funding promised. congress is looking to a repeat of history that's already failed once. secondly, budget problems are not all congress's fault. nasa itself has had budget problems over years, costover runs and technical problems. there's a reason nasa has been on high risk list of public contemplators. those two factors, the less funding than anticipated coupled with nasa's propensity to break its own budget has a lot of folks very skeptical over whether the u.s. can put astronauts in a space craft any time in the next decade. >> i would like to tell you more about scott pace. i'll listen to the current nasa administrator and talk to you about your comments. >> deputy chief of staff, served
to be on the table, but we just took a big run at getting our health care costs back in line. $1.3 trillion in deficit savings, according to c.b.o. mr. president, in conclusion, the overall -- the overview of the budget framework that we're offering our colleagues for their consideration provides $4 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years. it's actually $5 trillion if measured on the same basis as the fiscal commission. we have adopted what we think is a more plausible baseline in light of things that have happened so far this year. stabilize the debt by 2014, cut the deficit to 2.5% of g.d.p. by 2015 and 1.3% by 2021. we have tax reform that simplifies the code, that closes loopholes, that goes after offshore tax havens and abusive
country to build up what i call the big society. we must not damn all media because of what is happening and has happened in some organization. you need a culture that is about getting to the truth, but no, not breaking the law. >> thank you, mr. speaker. given the point made earlier by the chair of the select committee, metropolitan police's small team will take many, many months to go through all of the names and phone numbers that they have to. can i press the prime minister to make sure they have enough police officers to do the job in good time? and bad. >> as i said in my statement, this is one the biggest police investigations currently ongoing in britain today. let me defense of the metropolitan police. next year is the olympics. the metropolitan police have to meet a huge number of objectives for the police authority to help set those. i do think they are putting adequate resources. it's one the biggest operations in britain today. >> mr. eric crenshaw? >> mr. speaker, can i for one congratulate the prime minister and the other party leaders on the scope. i want to follow a poin
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